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The Business of Sport: Top Stories from 2017 on Doing Good and Doing Well

As I reflect on 2107 and the great progress that is being made by the business of sport - sponsors, property owners, athletes and non-profits operating in the world of professional sports - I think it is fair to say that there are more examples of a purposeful approach to sport than in any previous year. It's an exciting time for those of us committed to inspiring the business of sport to do good and do well.

Here are the top 5 stories from 2017 that strengthened my belief in the power of the business of sport to change the world....and build better, stronger more sustainable businesses.

Colin Kaepernick - Celebrating the man who became a movement

Thank You LA 2028 and Paris 2024 - The Olympic movement reconnects with its purpose

Common Goal - the birth of a movement from Juan Mata and streetfootballworld

The new Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta - Building a stadium, rebuilding a neighborhood

Volvo Ocean Race - a microcosm of a successful, purpose-driven business

While great progress was made during 2017, I predict that even greater progress will be made during 2018. Here are some of my predictions:

  1. With 30% of the Top 100 Sponsorship spenders in the world being considered as purposeful brands, more and more sponsors will start to activate their purpose through their sports sponsorship platforms.

  2. With the B Corp movement emerging as a major force around the world, and under pressure from fans and sponsors, at least one major sports property will certify as a B Corp and set a new standard for doing good and doing well in the business of sport.

  3. With an increasing number of sponsors and sports properties looking to increase their relevance to Millennial and Gen X fans, the role of non-profit organisations operating at the intersection of purpose and the business of sport will grow in importance.

Here's wishing you all happy holidays.....and a 2018 filled with good.