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It's Time that the Business of Sport Stood for Something More Than Just Profits

I lived in South Africa in the 1990’s at a time where the divide between the haves and have nots was more marked than you can imagine. It was also a time in which sport played a central role in the lives of everyone, irrespective of which side of the divide they found themselves. Building a sports marketing business through the transition from minority to majority rule at this time, not surprisingly, played a foundational role in how I now view the world.

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Beyond Eyeballs - A Shared Value/s Approach to Sponsorship

Having spent the last twenty five years deeply engrained in the business of sponsorship, and in connecting brands with fans through sport, media and entertainment properties, I am more convinced than ever that the best sponsorships are those that not only drive value for the sponsor or the property owner but also make a meaningful and positive difference to the communities in which they operate.

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More Than A Game

Each year, the Super Bowl not only showcases the best in sports entertainment, but provides an opportunity to put sustainability on a global stage. The NFL has long focused on environmental stewardship through their events and facilities, culminating in an annual showcase of their efforts at the Big Game. And as we look forward to the milestone Super Bowl 50 in 2016, the goal is to take sustainability to a whole new level.

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